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Welcome to Gintec Shade Technologies

We are your "one stop" supplier for all your crop, shading and wind protection needs.

Fabrics used are the best available, no second grade cloth is used or accepted. We offer Knitted and Woven shade, Insect and Thermal screens, Ground Cover, Frost Blankets, Bird and Hail netting, installation engineering, custom installation and all the hardware and tools required for your installations.

We use State-of-the-art equipment, the finest fabrics available, polypropylene monofilament thread, 2 " U.V. treated reinforcing fabric tape and #2 star brass grommets to fabricate your custom panels.

Gintec Shade Categories

   Tender Fruit
   Sweet Corn
   Ice Wine

Gintec Shade Products

   Ground Cover
   Frost Blanket
   Frost Cover
   Thermal Screens
   Insect Screens
   Wood Structure
   Steel Structure

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